Welcome to schwangerkleidet.de

the shop for maternity wear in the heart of Dresden. where there is a range of stores selling clothes, gifts and jewellery. The area is generally served by easy-going cafe's, bars amd resturant.

Today´s maternity clothing is all about allowing expectance
mums to continue with their own style - after all, you're
still as busy as ever and still need to dress quickly and
fashionably in the morning.

You still find versatile must-haves, essentials like
jeans and shirts, latest looks from catwalk, elegant
styles for your special day and nursing wear.

Future moms, happy fathers, pride
grandparents and good friends - everyone
will find the right gift and place for
well-beeing feeling.

We're opening 6 days a week and offer
out of opening hour appointments if
neccessary, please call to arrange
a time at your convenience.

Opening hours:
monday - friday 10am - 7pm
saturday 10am - 4pm

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